Tournament Format
10 teams are playing in two separeted groups (A and B)
against each other in single round-robin series.

Play time
3 minutes warm-up (no pucks) folowed by 2 x 20 minutes game (stoped time) with a 1 minutes break between periods.
After the first 20 minutes begins a new game. Each game (half) counts as a new game and is aworded (4 points maximum):
• 2 points for the winning team at the conclusion of regulation
time (one game/half)
• 1 point for both teams at the conclusion of regulation time
if the game/half is tied
After the preliminary round (for final ranking)
In the last day games which are also played 2x 20 min and the game is tied there will be a penalty shootout immediately afterwards (5 shooters per
team). If no decision is made, 1 shooter per follows. Team alternating until decision.
IIHF rules
Games will be played across the whole ice rink 5 on 5 with flying changes. Icing only in the last 2 minutes of the game. Timeout can be callled only once in the play time 2 x 20 minutes.
Players with match penalties and serious disciplinary penalties will be excluded from the teams for one match. Very serious cases will eliminate the player from the entire tournament.
Any protests or disputes will be heard if brought to the committee within 15 minutes from completion of the match in question. Any such issues will be resolved by the disciplinary committee comprised of the Tournament Board of Directors and one representative of the competing teams.
All decisions are final.
Tie breaking formula
The tie-breaking system for two(or more) teams with the same number of points, the following parameters count in this order:
• points in the direct matches,
• difference of goals shot and goals received between
the teams with the same number of points,
• difference of goals shot and goals received of all matches,
• number of goals shot,
• by lot